Anti-fog Solution



Anti-fog solution
Anti-fog solution
Anti-fog solution (bottle and packaging)

Nothing is worse than having your protective goggles fog up as you are trying to stay the course and remain safe. It is always advisable to apply a little solution to your goggles lens, and you can have long term clear vision!

Instructions :

  1. Clean lens of swim goggles and wipe dry
  2. Apply solution evenly on lens and let it dry
  3. Apply anti-fog solution at least 1 hour before use

Warning :

  • Keep away from fire and sun
  • Avoid direct contact with eyes. If you experience any discomfort, wash and clean with clean water and consult a doctor if problem persists
  • Do not consume internally

Features :

  • Content : 10ml
  • Non-fogging
  • Packaging : Blister card