About Prosun

Prosun was founded in 1999 in Malaysia and Singapore as a leisure swimwear brand. The company has expanded its product portfolio to satisfy Malaysian’s need for swim accessories as well as sporty and fashionable swimwear. Over the years, Prosun has set new fashion trends by designing Muslimah swimsuits for modern and modest ladies.

What We Do

Prosun’s main services include Export, OEM and Wholesale. The company looks forward to expand Prosun’s footprints worldwide in search of new distributors to cater for Prosun’s growing customers overseas.

Prosun’s leisure swimwear range from casual to sexy to modest and refined while maintaining high quality for all swimming apparels. The company ensures a comfortable and sporty wear for all men and women around the world. Our swimsuits are meticulously made to highlight the confidence in you.

Prosun’s Muslimah and Conservative swimsuit line is accustommed for the modest and fashionable. The company offers rashguards and full body swimsuits for men and women who seek sun protection and modesty. 

Prosun’s product range focuses on fostering healthy friends and family ties. The company offers a wide range of water games and swim accessories for everybody who wants to swim. Attain the highest level of excitement while swimming and playing with family members.

Our Vision

Prosun is an emerging brand in the swimwear industry with the vision of becoming a regional champion. Prosun is leading the swimwear manufacturing and wholesales sector in Malaysia and Singapore. We aim to reach out worldwide and we believe in the potential for exponential growth of our company.

It is Prosun’s commitment to provide the best products and services for all customers. We look forward to foster long-term relationship with all clienteles and we are proud to say many of our customers have been with us since our inception. Prosun aspires to build a strong friendship with all affiliates.