Shop the Season’s 40 Coolest Swimsuits by Cut

Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, it’s high time to start cultivating a new summer swimwear wardrobe. The choices can be overwhelming: does one go with a printed bikini? A retro striped one-piece? Or something a little more out there with embellishments and maybe a ruffle or two?

The idea this season is to think beyond the colors and the patterns and simply focus on the cuts. Swimsuit silhouettes can be challenging to decipher and to choose from, especially when your body type isn’t anything like the girl posting belfies all over Instagram (those types are a small percentage of the vast majority, despite what your feed might have you believe). There are high-waist bottoms and cropped tops for those who want something more modest. High-cut pieces can be surprisingly versatile for a range of body types, and bra tops aren’t reserved for those with big breasts. There are minimal fits, too, for all the women who prefer to remain a little low-key while splashing around.

The idea is to wear a swimsuit that make you feel like you. You should feel confident, beautiful, comfortable, whether you’re in the pool, on the sand, or anywhere else under the sun.

Here are the 40 coolest swimwear cuts to try on this summer.