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Hommes Oil Company, a Gas Station Chain Turned Swimwear Brand, Is Out, Proud, and Having a Good Time

When I asked my male friends and colleagues about shopping for swim trunks, every single one of them said the most important factors are the length and “fun patterns.” “The bathing suit market is hard for men, especially when you are a gay man. They either hit you below the knees—not cute—or it’s a Speedo. […]

Shop the Season’s 40 Coolest Swimsuits by Cut

Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, it’s high time to start cultivating a new summer swimwear wardrobe. The choices can be overwhelming: does one go with a printed bikini? A retro striped one-piece? Or something a little more out there with embellishments and maybe a ruffle or two? The idea this season is to think beyond […]